Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Brewbot Mk2 beginings

I recently entered this design contest with the intention of creating a new brewbot.


Kelly has lots of recipe ideas she wants to try with some off center ingredients, so wants to start doing small batches.

At this point I'm thinking MK2 would be somewhat of a departure from the original brewbot.

* small batch machine: ~4-5 litre batch size. Maybe keep the ability to upgrade to 5 gallon batches.
* single vessel BIAB design (rigid stainless mesh for the "bag")
* automate cleaning where possible, otherwise optimize/minimize manual cleaning
* possible pump-less design, or cheap pump only used for CIP
* possible integrated no-chill vessel / fermenter (mainly for CIP circulation access)
* Small cheap Chinese servos for hop dropper
* No automated valves
* integrated mash stirrer instead of recirculation
* 240V "cloths drier" 30A outlet as the power source

Some elements would be similar:
* No chiller, just run into a sealed vessel for cooling (we already do this)
* Conductivity based water level probes
* Car windscreen wiper motors for the electro-mechanical parts
* Electric water heater element for the heat source

Budget of under $500.

This blog is to be the build log for the project.

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