Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Brewbot in the final 10

The big news is that the Brewbot made the final 10 in the Renesas design competition.

With the main work out of the way I've been playing with some other fun hacks for it.

Namely getting a python interpreter running in the RX62N with FreeRTOS:


  1. Well done Zizzle, hope it goes well in May.

    cheers, Arnie

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  3. Hey Zizzle,

    Could you please post your BeerBot files somewhere? I learned about your project by watching EEVblog #174. The blog mentioned following files:

    - brewbot-schematic-1.pdf
    - brewbot-schematic-2.pdf
    - brewbot_bom.pdf
    - brewbot.pdf

    I tried searching RenesasRulz web site without success. I am not sure if you changed your mind regarding making the information public.

    Boban Petrovic